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The BeSide: Episode 2

I mentioned in my last blog that I had an amazing conversation with Dr. Lawrence Yang from Surrey, British Columbia. His story about burnout and the impact it had on his health, life and career is a profound one. How he got himself out of it is the part that is the most beautiful. Most health providers think of QI as a “necessary evil” at best. Lawrence found joy in his work again imagining a better way, and working with a team to help him get there…by doing quality improvement. For him, it was all about connections and relationship – and giving his team the autonomy to help him be a better physician. He finishes off his story with a challenge to the health system: how do we reward, create and support the creation of joyful workplaces? That is the “magic pill” of health system sustainability. Take a listen of episode 2 on your way home from work, you won’t be disappointed!

Interested in learning how to get the best out of others? Join other providers and health leaders in our session starting October 3. Register on the Thought Architects site under events. Want to start your own improvment project but don't know how? Contact Vered at Feeling stuck in your practice and worried about your own burnout levels? Send an email and explore some ideas that might help.

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