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What We Do: Our Services

We know there are things you need to deal with, skills you want to learn, and issues you are dealing with as a group. Wherever you are, we offer a way for you to create your own Radically Human Revolution and create the kind of workplace you want to be involved with.

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Issues of the Day - Workshops and Action Series

These workshops address the topics we struggle with on a day-to-day basis: creating policies and making them stick, leading teams virtually, how to offer feedback, dealing with performance management or tackling EDI. See our upcoming sessions for more information.

We can tailor a session just for your organization. Email us for more information.


Skills to Learn - Training

The core of what we do is help people become better leaders, communicators and teams. Our sessions are not your typical continuing education. We are practical, engaging and make good ideas come to life.

We can tailor a session just for your organization. Email us for more information.

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Impacting Change - Curating Experiences

Do you have a new strategy plan that needs to get done, but you want to understand what people really think? Do you want to set a new direction and need help moving your team along? Or maybe there are challenges in your organization such as groups not getting along which cause projects to stall? We can curate a learning experience that helps you and your team find solutions. 


Email us to start the conversation.

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Just a Little Taste - Our Free Events

  • Campfire Chats: Come to our bi-monthly event that is the unmeeting of the day. Offered at 12:00 MST on Fridays, we seek out interesting people with interesting ideas to share their perspective, then open up a facilitated dialogue where you can add to, share and play with ideas as a group. You will always leave with a new perspective. This is about creating a community that can learn from each other.

  • Discovery Sessions: Interested in learning a bit about our sessions? Have some questions? Sign up for one of our Discovery Sessions to learn more!

  • Coaching Practice: Been to our Coaching Training? Want to keep developing your skills? Join us for a brief review of a concept, and then have the chance to practice with a partner in a brief coaching exchange.

See our upcoming free sessions for more information.

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Speaking Events

Need an engaging and impactful speaker for your event? We are happy to create something that meets your audience’s needs. Some previous sessions we have done include: On Being Adaptive, Feedback and Entrustable Professional Activities, Coaching Skills in Action, On Being a Love-Led Leader, Making Psychological Safety Real, the “Secret Sauce” of Leadership and Communicating for Change. 


We work with all kinds of professionals in all industries, including healthcare, education, engineering and legal services.

Contact us for more information.

What Our Clients Say

Senior's Housing Leader / Art of Policy Writing Series

I really learned how policies should reflect your values & the styling of policies should reflect your culture, size, etc. It’s about way more than writing a policy. There is an engagement process in design, roll out and revision.”

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