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The BeSide Episode 3: An Interview with Hugh MacLeod

Many of you will recognize the name Hugh MacLeod. He has been in the health system for many years in government and national agencies across the country. Some of you will be lucky enough to have worked with him. I sadly missed working with him in the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care in Ontario by mere months. However, I was lucky enough to sit down with him over the phone for an hour or so and learn about his book “Humanizing Leadership”, his philosophy on leadership, and his practical advice on where to start. He highlighted how leadership is about balance: know who you are, but be humble about it; manage the micro and macro details equally; and build your own skills in the context of a team.

At the heart of all of it is relationships. Where to start? Fine tune your listening skills and build your ability to ask good questions. Coaching anyone?

Take a listen to the interview, read his book, and reflect on your own leadership journey! Lots to learn from his experience.

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