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Now What?

I have been in a pretty reflective state lately. Thought Architects came to be after a few meetings at my kitchen table. It was a simple idea:

I wanted to work with the brightest, kindest, talented and most engaging people possible. I also knew a lot of great people, and they all had something in common, and each had something that complimented other’s skills.

So we talked. We explored. We shared ideas and we listened deeply to each other.

Now fast forward 18 months and we have developed and delivered an executive leadership program in a hospital, an online coaching program for healthcare providers and three different workshops focused on topical issues of the day; facilitated executive teams through change; supported the seniors and community housing sector with education thorough our amazing partnership with ASCHA; presented and authored papers for multiple organizations; we will soon be presenting at medical grand rounds; and we developed an amazing, engaging and motivated team that keeps growing.

We have had a significantly positive impact at every turn.

My gut tells me we are on to something.

What's the next chapter for the Architects? We are all passionate about improving the work lives of professionals...and...

We want work to not suck.

At different points in our careers, we each have had our own joy and passion ignited when working with amazing teams. The joy of those great teams is our guide AND we know the power of an authentic, adaptive, Love-Led and empathetic leader.

We know how it feels to be part of a team that is thriving and how important safety is. We have seen the transformative power of human connection at work; it is more powerful than many of us realize.

We also know that people often think of these conditions as “magic” (or is it an illusion 😊?). Well, these conditions are kind of magical, but they don’t just appear...they are the result of purposeful professional behaviour.

This is what is I know about us: we know how to make these seemingly invisible skills visible.

There are signs and symptoms that indicate a team needs help: what is often termed “bad behaviour” in staff, high turnover, high absenteeism, high on the job injury rates, quiet staff meetings, lots of "offline chat", chronic union issues, or high use of temporary or agency staff. Others are often blamed and information may be used as power.

Leaders may feel that they are ineffective, are exhausted, or don’t know what to do. Decisions often are not made, or don't stick. Important conversations get pushed off. Leadership can't get a “real sense” of what is going on without doing an anonymous survey. Gossip abounds.

The wake of the pandemic has resulted in culture rearing its head boldly in workplaces. People are looking their organizations’ culture in the eye, not liking what they are seeing, and leaving.

Personal Support Workers, Nurses and Doctors are all rethinking what they want in the workplace, and 30% are seriously contemplating a move out of healthcare entirely. It is not just healthcare. 25% of women are also considering leaving the workforce.

Just think about that. 25-30% of our workforce just leaving. Something has to change.

This contemplation of a mass departure is a symptom of a culture that needs mending. Organizations do not succeed when these signs and symptoms occur – and these days people are just not tolerating it. It not to blame anyone. Doing this work is hard…and often leaders don’t know where to start.

But we do.

So what is in store for Thought Architects for the next 18 months? Just watch.

The question you need to ask yourself is what is in store for you? Do you need a #RadicallyHumanRevolution?


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