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A Free Course? Sure

Our friends at The Centre for Implementation have opened up their course again for free registration. It is a great "level setting" investment to understand Implementation Science and ways in which it might help your change efforts. Let us know if you take this, and what your thoughts are!

Enrollment for 'Inspiring Change', free online mini-course, is open again for a limited time

Change is hard. Learning about implementation science can help.

Understanding and applying implementation science to your own work can be both rewarding and daunting. Most people want easy-to-follow guidance on how to use the best practices from implementation science to inform their own projects and work.

Join over 1500 professionals who enrolled when the course was first launched.

Following on the success of our first launch in July, the Center for Implementation is re-launching the free online mini-course, Inspiring Change: Creating impact with evidence-based implementation. Now is the time to enroll - the course is open for enrollment for a limited time until November 11, and will not be available again for 6 months.

This free mini-course will help you:

· Gain an overview of evidence-based implementation so you can plan your change initiative more proactively

· Discover how process models, theories, and frameworks can be the backbone of your change plan

· Be inspired to use behavior change theory

· Be more purposeful with your time, by addressing high-priority areas and anticipating resistance to change

· Learn simple tricks and tips that can set you up for success

Go to: to sign up (it’s free) – you can launch into the modules right away!

For (Moore :) information contact:

Julia E. Moore, Ph.D.

Senior Director


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