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Thought Architects:
We help you impact your team, processes and culture

You change, your team changes, and your operations change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Whatever your needs, we help professionals and their teams create joy at work & achieve great outcomes.

Our team has experience in healthcare, energy resources, non-profits and social services. We focus on supporting small and medium sized businesses with the unique needs that comes with running a business of that size - how do you get the "big business" support on a small business budget? 

We believe it means we help you in two ways. One is to provide a focus on enhancing your skills as a leader, your team's ability to work together, and the processes and outcomes in how you do your work. Sometimes it means just bringing us in to do work that just "has to happen" - a policy, a privacy impact assessment - a way to "get 'er done" and let you focus on what you do best.

We achieve this by being your coach and as a temporary "extension" of your team as you build and manage change. Think of us as a collaborator and an accelerator to the changes you want or need to make.