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What is Cognitive Coaching    ?


Intentional and authentic engagement is foundational to achieving results.

Safe environments for these interactions are characterized by the ability of

individuals to collectively grow, plan, reflect, solve problems and create a

deeper connection. As healthcare leaders, how do we shift our identity from “problem solvers” to “mediators of thinking” to grow our teams and collaborative partnerships? We found that one of the best coaching models for healthcare came from the education sector. We have been working with Thinking Collaborative to bring this amazing skill development program to healthcare. 

Watch these interviews with John Clarke and Margie Sills-Maerov as they explain what Cogntive Coaching is, and how it applies to healthcare. Interested in what others are saying? Check out our testimonials.

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Check out Margie's publication in the Canadian Journal of Physician Leadership on how Cognitive Coaching supports adaptive leadership in healthcare! 


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