“I was so surprised and excited by the end of the first session. All of a sudden these 'leadership' ideas seem attainable and real.”

 - Healthcare Leader on Cognitive Resilience Leadership Series 



"The Thought Architects team brought real world credibility to our strategic planning process and engaged our team remotely, but in a way that felt very much in-person –something we’re all craving at this time. A key element to our success was also getting the group to realize they can shape the future of our business and have real input into our company’s direction. Through Margie’s excellent facilitation, we were able to identify opportunities for growth and implement changes designed by our team."

 - EngineeringIndustry Leader on Strategic Planning Support




“I really learned how policies should reflect your values & the styling of policies should reflect your culture, size, etc. It’s about way more than writing a policy. There is an engagement process in design, roll out and revision.”

 - Senior’s Housing Leader on the Art of Policy Writing Series



“The coaching is absolutely amazing! I am learning so much about myself.”

 - Cognitive Resilience Leadership Series Participant


“Thought architects introduced us to concepts and a framework that moved us through useful discussions to equally useful outcomes, with realistic, actionable and measurable plans. They engaged our entire team in the process and effectively coached us through to practical results. The entire team is committed and excited about putting our plans into action”.

 - EngineeringIndustry Leader on Strategic Planning Support



“I'm half way through my training and I'm already feeling more effective in my work with my clinic staff as well as in my work mediating conflict in my department. I feel more confident in my leadership roles, and I feel more helpful in my clinical work with my patients. Finally, I'm going along with the strengths that people are already exhibiting. My work environments feel more positive.”

 - Family Physician on Coaching Training

“This is the most effective business coaching I have ever received! Margie’s expertise, professionalism and thought-provoking questions have given me a clear path forward in my business and provided support for our team through self-directed career development.”

 - Engineer and Business Owner on Coaching Services