"The Cognitive CoachingSM program offered by Thought Architects is perhaps the most interactive and professionally-executed learning series I have ever been a part of.  Aside from the content itself, the structure of the learning is just plain ‘fun’ with a highly engaging mix of lecture, group activity, practice and experiential learning.  The Cognitive Coaching approach itself is unique, effective, and almost certain to help you to develop and extract the best from your people, recognizing that they themselves had all of the answers all along.”

Executive Director, PCN




“I'm half way through my training and I'm already feeling more effective in my work with my clinic staff as well as in my work mediating conflict in my department.  I feel more confident in my leadership roles, and I feel more helpful in my clinical work with my patients.  Finally, I'm going along with the strengths that people are already exhibiting.  My work environments feel more positive.”

Family Physician




“As a physician, performance management of team members has been a challenge and the skills I am learning in cognitive coaching is proving to be invaluable.  I feel more confident in my ability to support my team members and the learning format was excellent.”

Family Physician




“Cognitive coaching has allowed me to communicate more effectively with my family, my patients, and my staff.  Medically, I’ve been able to implement coaching strategies into patient visits - interspersed within a visit, or with the bulk of a visit, helping patients find their own solutions to a problem they present with.  It’s streamlined my approach to difficult and chronic issues.”

Family Physician



“My primary reason for taking Cognitive CoachingSM was to enable a more effective way of communicating with business leaders and clients. I was intrigued with the concept that the choice of words and posture could allow for a more cohesive conversation that would directly influence someone’s thought process instead of enforcing someone’s decisions. The training allows for revelatory proven concepts of human behaviour followed by hands-on practice regardless of anyone’s background. Communication is key in my daily activities and I’ve had ample opportunity to put into practice pieces that I’ve learnt as well as the whole of the communication practices leading to incredibly productive results. The delivery of the program from the teaching environment, course structure and those delivering the content make it an outstanding course that has allowed me to grow personally and professionally in a manner I couldn’t have envisioned, far exceeding expectations!”

Allied Health Provider and Small Business Owner




“As a healthcare leader, the Cognitive CoachingSM program which fosters self-directed learning and management is transformational. It is totally changing the way I approach communication and coaching with all relationships.”

Medical Regulator


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Career-Long Partner


A Fresh Start

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