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We recognize that you make money by seeing patients, and need to have your clinic running in a way that maximizes your time. That means the people around you need to be at their best. Think of us as your “booster shots” – we will keep you healthy and well and operating at full capacity. We have standard rates, but will always customize to meet your needs in the most cost-effective way possible. Let us take you for coffee to explore where your pain points are, what your own goals are, and how to bridge them.  


Senior Director

Human Resources

Vered is a seasoned HR

Professional with 20 years of HR

and leadership expertise. She is a

2018 Top Recruiter Award Winner and

has a record of excellence in strategic &

full cycle recruitment, performance management, leadership coaching, change management and corporate policies and procedures design.


Senior Director

Clinical Ops & Coaching

Margie has been in all levels of

the health system over the past

25 years and brings expertise in

clinical and process improvement,

facilitation support, leadership & team

development, human-centred design and coaching. She is also the Education Program Officer at the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Medicine

and Dentistry.


Senior Consultant

Dr. Lori Eberhardt is an Instructional

Designer with over 20 years

experience in non-profit, government,

public, and private sectors. She

specializes in the application and use

of Lean improvement approaches. She has learned from the best - she had Dr. Jeffery Liker (Toyota Way Author) on her committee. She is also the Director of Occupational Programs and Education for Rebel

Sleep Institute.


Communications & Learning

Cristina is an Instructional

Designer who also specializes in

graphic design and communications.

Working in a variety of industries from

healthcare, oil & gas, aviation and

post-secondary, Cristina can help you create tools to support and communicate with those you need to. She is your go-to person to #GSD.


HR Professional

Kathryn is a values-driven senior

HR professional with over 16 years

of progressive experience. She

focuses on delivering results through

relationship-building, accountability and collaboration at all levels of an organization. She also works with leaders to help build and lead teams.

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