We believe that the answers lie in you and your team, and our mission is to help you find the solutions, and make the solutions stick - in the long run. We are a collective of skilled and passionate leaders who have come together to help others be successful. Many leadership constructs developed are focused on the what, not the how.  We have created unique learning systems that help you live the leadership practice you want. We love what we do. So should you. 


John is a Training Associate for

Thinking Collaborative with over 15

years of experience offering seminars in

Cognitive Coaching & Adaptive Organizations. John was a teacher, counsellor and principal in Calgary for 31 years. He works with organizations in the areas of Leadership Development, Change Management & Communication Skills. 

Director, Coaching & Design


Senior Director

Strategy & Coaching

Margie has worked at all levels of

the health system over the past

25 years and brings expertise in

clinical and process improvement,

facilitation, leadership & team

development, human-centred design and coaching. She is also the Education Program Officer at the University of Alberta in the Faculty of Medicine

and Dentistry where she teaches others to use coaching skills in practice. 


Senior Consultant

Team Effectiveness

Doreen focuses on organizational

culture and challenging team

dynamics. Using adaptive leadership

processes, Doreen helps to leverage the

collective intelligence of teams to solve their own problems, while also surfacing issues that undermine team effectiveness. Doreen has a Masters of Arts in Business Leadership and has specialized training in change management.

                   Founder of En-Gauge Consulting


Senior Consultant

Organizational Culture

Sheena is experienced RN and

health care leader of 17 years who

specializes in primary care redesign &

interprofessional team development. Sheena is the Founder of the Global Love-Led Leadership Movement, and uses the LOVE-LED™ Framework to move leaders, their teams, and their organizations toward positive change.  Sheena is a proud positive deviant, status quo questioner, and change agent who loves people.

                       Founder of Love-Led Leadership

Natalie Irons

Natalie is a Training Associate

with Thinking Collaborative

and an Associate Director of

Instructional Coaching Programs

at UCLA/Center X, where her work

mission is to transform thinking into equitable, relationship-centered practice, and she brings that same passion to Thought Architects. She is a co-developer of Coaching in Healthcare. 

Senior Consultant
Coaching & Design

Mona Delisle

Mona is a pragmatic leader who

builds on her years of expereince

in patient safety, quality

improvement, change management

and strategy. She "cuts to the chase" in a way that makes action tangible. She is a skilled public speaker and holds a Master's degree focused in Health Leadership from Royal Roads University.

Senior Consultant

Quality & Patient Safety

Jennifer Alexander

Jennifer is a passionate leader 

and doer! She has over 25 years of

experience in healthcare clinically,

leading teams, and supporting change.

She is fearless in how she attacks life! She is a runner, a swimmer, a biker and a mom of two. She is a Dietician by training, and has her Master's Degree in Health Studies. She supports our programming, and is also a coach. 

Operations Manager

Karmen Masson

With over 20 years of

experience as a lawyer, leader

in the justice system and coach,

Karmen cares deeply about the

betterment of the legal profession. She coaches lawyers and works with leaders at all levels in law to develop successful practices, to improve conversations and manage productive conflict, and have meaningful careers and lives.            


 Founder of Your Best Practice

Senior Consultant
Leadership in Law


Health Information Strategist

Amanda partners with Health Care
Professionals and business
leaders to assist them in creating
privacy conscious environments in a
technology driven world. After spending
nearly a decade working in various areas of health care, she understands the workflow in any healthcare provider organization from large hospital systems to the private physician practice.

      Owner of LemonLogix Health Information Services

Genevieve Boivin 

Genevieve is our operations

guru. She is a Coach and a

Kinesiologist by training and has

her Master Degree in Health Promotion. With more than 10 years as a clinician in chronic disease management, she is the founder of Gen Boivin -Wellbeing in Every Decision. She is passionate about supporting people in designing a life aligned with their wellbeing.

Founder of Gen Boivin Well Being in Every Decision

Operational Lead & 


Communications & Learning

Cristina is an Instructional

Designer who also specializes in

graphic design and communications.

Working in a variety of industries from

healthcare, oil & gas, aviation and

post-secondary, Cristina can help you create tools to support and communicate with those you need to. She is your go-to person to #GSD.


Senior Consultant,

Human Resources

Vered is a seasoned HR

Professional with 20 years of HR

and leadership expertise. She is a

2018 Top Recruiter Award Winner and

has a record of excellence in strategic &

full cycle recruitment, performance management, leadership coaching, change management and corporate policies and procedures design.

                 Founder & CEO Vimy HR Consulting


Senior Conultant
Change Management

For the past 10 years Lisa has
worked at the advanced level in
Senior Care Management. After
completing her Masters Degree in
Leadership at Royal Roads University, she is focused on developing other healthcare leaders with the ongoing changes they face in information systems, team development, and complex care needs of their patients.

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