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Leadership & Team Development

Running a clinic, building and retaining a team, keeping patients happy and dealing with administrative issues - all while practicing medicine, is challenging. You may be struggling at times with burnout, practice issues, or managing college requirements. You could try and sort it out yourself - or you can have help. 


We help you refine what the pain points are, what success looks like and what is needed to get there. We help you answer questions for reflective practice: What kind of leader do you want to be? What does success look like for you? How do you lead so that the team follows? 


The role of the Medical Expert is only one role you play. Your own personal growth and development as a Communicator, Collaborator, Leader and Professional will impact you personally and professionally. 


Our services include:

  • Practice Renewal for meeting college requirements

  • Enhancing your leadership style

  • Team development support

  • Clinic planning and change implementation support

  • Personal development coaching

  • Remediating practice issues